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  • OiCOiN fundamentals

    The OiCOiN is an etherium-based ERC20 token which offers the token-holder a revenue (not profit!) participation of all global crystallized Osmium sale.


    • Token Name:  Osmium Investment Coin
    • Token Standard:  ERC20
    • Token Symbol: OiCOiN
    • Token contract address:  0xAa6Bf83784570cE6E114aeC683B6B23ca30cF763
    • Token decimal: 8


    Osmium Investment Coin Whitepaper 

  • Why did we start an ICO at all?

    Did you know Osmium at all before you found us? No? So you are like almost everyone!

    Crystalline Osmium is incredibly aesthetic and beautiful - and also very expensive. The ideal product for the booming luxury segment worldwide. The only issue - this story has to be told. Globally.

    This costs time, resources - and money. Our ICO will enable us to make our beautiful product well known on the global markets.


  • How do I get the payouts?

    A revenue share distribution smart contract is designed to distribute the revenue share among the coin holders, according to their shares.

    All the payments will be made ONLY in ETH to the ERC20 address which hold the coins.

    For any revenue share distribution an ERC20 compatible wallet is essential!

  • Where do I see the revenue of global crystallised Osmium sale?

    The management of the Osmium Institute Germany publishes these figures. The international sales of crystalline Osmium is carried out exclusively by the Osmium Institute Germany. Due to the size of the turnover, this company has the obligation to disclose the balance sheet and P&L statement. This makes the report of the management additionally verifiable.

    Here you can view the annual financial statements:


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